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Urban Youth Games

Opinions about the hockey initiation

On Monday 28 March at the Forêt de Soignes sports centre in Auderghem, an initiation to hockey took place for the fifth year of the Blankendelle school, which was one of the winners of our digital challenge at the end of last year.

“It was only a 10-minute walk from our school. So good thing the sun is shining,” Maureen winked. “This event is well organised. The monitors are very enthusiastic and thanks to them, so are the children.”

Maureen – teacher (at the left side of the photo above)

“Hockey is an inclusive sport because it is a collective sport. You cannot reach the circle of the goal alone. So you have to play together with your teammates, each excellent at his level. At this initiation you can see that the children are motivated. The other environment makes them feel valued.”

Emilie Sinia – ambassador
Emilie handed out medals after the debriefing

“In my childhood, I was always the only Asian in the classroom, in the hockey team, in the youth movement, on the street… During hockey games, I was often discriminated by my opponents while I was accepted by my teammates. Because of this experience, I understand the importance of the Urban Youth Games and I am glad to contribute to this inclusive movement. I strive for everyone to have equal opportunities to develop to their full potential,” emphasises Gérard. “In the debriefing phase of the initiation, it is important to reflect on the values conveyed and to ask the children some appropriate questions. Usually, the answers will be applicable in all areas of life. It is clear that sport is a good learning tool. Through sport you can open doors for children.”

Gérard – hockey monitor

“We already played hockey in our P.E. lessons, so I was quick to learn. The most important thing in hockey is to play as a team by listening to each other,” says Emilia, who in her free time does various activities such as gymnastics, tennis, capoeira, dancing and piano.

Emilia – pupil 5th grade