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Urban Youth Games

Building inclusion through tennis

The values of tennis

Tennis is a great sport on many levels. It’s a fun way to maintain exercise and build strength and agility.

In addition, tennis helps build self-confidence and teaches you to trust yourself and your instincts. Tennis is also known to improve mental strength, decision making and social skills, alongside many other benefits.

Tennis is for everyone

Together AFT and Urban Youth Games want to help everyone discover these positive attributes. Both parties strongly believe that diversity is a strength and inclusion is a human right.

With this partnership, we want to improve inclusion so that more people from all backgrounds are able to enjoy the benefits that playing tennis can bring, in a safe and inclusive environment. 

Tennis already has a comparatively high number of players from under-represented groups, and AFT is committed to further enhancing inclusion and diversity within the sport.

A solid partnership

AFT and Urban Youth Games will work together to: 

  • Promote tennis for children from underrepresented groups in all areas of the community.
  • Provide support to coaches and teachers on the values of inclusion throughout our different initiatives: events, challenges and playbooks.
  • Make a variety of tennis playing options available through inclusive playbooks.
  • Provide advice, information, guidance, support and resources to schools, clubs, communities, teachers, coaches, … that want to become (more) inclusive to people from underrepresented groups.

We will work closely together to promote the values of tennis to every child and help them discover their talents while embracing inclusion.