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Because inclusion
starts at school

The goal of the inclusive playbooks is to promote inclusion through sports. Each playbook is focused around one sport and contains exercises that can be easily implemented in the gym classes at school. The exercises have been designed for children of the 5th and 6th year of primary school. The playbooks are tools that the UYG have developed in collaboration with different sports federations and that have been reviewed by sports and education specialists as well as inclusion experts. The inclusive playbook exercises consist of 3 phases:

Phase 01

An ice-breaker: which contains creative little games that allow children to warm-up in a fun way and helps them familiarise with the sport. During these exercises, the first steps are taken towards breaking down cultural and social barriers.

Phase 02

The actual games: playful exercises that develop educational competencies while simultaneously illustrating the positive impact of inclusion.

Phase 03

A debriefing moment: where the teacher together with the children reflect on the exercises. The teacher should promote open dialogue between the children and focus on the children’s positive attitude and behaviour in terms of inclusion.

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The UYG have created the inclusive playbooks in collaboration with partners that share the same vision and believe in the value of sports as a facilitator of inclusion.

The playbooks are designed to be an added value for the gym teachers. We are conscious of potential constraints in terms of infrastructure and material. Therefore, the exercises were designed with the aim of being straightforward and are adaptable to fit all schools and recourses to materials are indicated in the playbook. It is however important that the teacher takes time to follow the different stages, outlined in the playbook carefully in order to maximise the inclusivity impact.

We believe that through the inclusive playbooks we can contribute to enhanced inclusion in schools on a regular basis. Throughout the year, children can play and learn the values of inclusion while trying different sports. Sport is therefore the vector for inclusion in the long run and children are the change-agents.

The first series of inclusive playbooks are available on our website and new ones will be launched progressively. Playbooks for hockey, poull-ball, tennis, soccer, athletics, basketball,… are being created and you can download the first playbooks below.

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