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Let’s unite the Olympic family to inspire the next generations.

Why does Team Belgium support the Urban Youth Games?

The Urban Youth Games want to spread the Olympic values to all children. We aim to become the overarching organization that promotes inclusion to all children and offer all children the opportunity to experience the Olympic atmosphere without the focus on competition.

Team Belgium

Team Belgium is the driving force behind the Olympic family. By empowering the Urban Youth Games movement, we can promote together the values of Respect, Friendship, Excellence and Togetherness to the youth.

Special Olympics Belgium

Together with Special Olympics Belgium, we will bring children of all abilities, including intellectual disabilities, together to discover each other’s unique values. We will co-organise ‘Play Unified’ presentations in class but also challenges where children from regular and special needs education will participate in a joint event where they can discover different sports and combat prejudices.

Paralympic Team Belgium

Together with the Paralympic Team Belgium and its operational wings (federations), G-Sport-Vlaanderen and Ligue Handisport Francophone, we facilitate the participation of all children with disabilities in the UYG programme