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Urban Youth Games

Interview with Hamid Abroudi, integration consultant

How is your organisation involved with the Urban Youth Games?

“We were once asked to provide feedback on the playbooks in terms of inclusion of children and young people from migrant backgrounds.”

Why do you choose to collaborate with the Urban Youth Games?

“Because we support initiatives that make an effort to give everyone a chance to belong and participate in society and leisure. Consequently, we are happy to work with them to achieve these goals.”

What does inclusion mean?

“As we promote civic integration, inclusion means for us first and foremost the inclusion of people with a migrant background as full citizens in society.”

What role can sport play in this?

“Sport is the means par excellence to achieve a whole range of skills and objectives that facilitate the integration of people from a migrant background. Sport offers many benefits, both on a personal level, such as life structure, discipline, health… and on a collective level, such as positive image building, meetings between different communities… But it is still not easy for many target groups, including people with a migrant background, to gain access to many sports clubs. There is still a lot of work to be done in this area.”